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15cm Stick with Mint Flavour.

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Stick with Mint Flavour

The miswak or siwak is a natural tool for brushing the teeth. It is taken from the roots of the Arak tree especially in the Arabian Peninsula and some parts of Asia the tree is known as Peelu. Miswak is a natural antiseptic, multi-purpose stick cleans and whitens the teeth and sweetens the breath, and is widely used throughout the Islamic world.

Hand picked from the best available raw material, with exclusive processing to maintain it’s freshness with all it’s benefits, in practical, attractive packing.

Each miswak is approximately 15cm long and comes vacuum packed to retain freshness and softness.

Imported from Pakistan.

How to use:
Simply scrape off bark from the tip (1/2″), then chew the tip gently until brush like and the fiber becomes soft. Brush teeth horizontally and frequently. When the bristles are worn and the flavor has subsided, cut them off & repeat the instruction.

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