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1Pcs Baby Pacifier Fresh Food Milk Nibbler Feeder Kids Nipple Feeding Safe Baby Supplies Nipple Teat Pacifier Bottles.

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1Pcs Baby Pacifier Fresh Food Milk Nibbler Feeder Kids Nipple Feeding Safe Baby Supplies Nipple Teat Pacifier Bottles.

FRESH BABY FRUIT FEEDER PACIFIER SILICONE MADE OF THE HIGHEST FOOD GRADE –which is BPA Free, Lead-Free, Petroleum Free, Latex Free, and Phthalates Free.
Age: fit for baby 0-18 months; Color: Blue, Pink;
BABY FRUIT FEEDER PACIFIER- Designed with textured silicone surface, simple teething of sorts toy.
AVOID CHOCKING- The holes on the baby fruit feeder pacifier are very small which is major for safety.
EASY TO CLEAN – This silicone mesh baby feeder can be pulled out so that it can be thoroughly cleaned at the end of use.
BABY SHOWER GIFT -It’s not always easy to come up with a nice gift idea for a baby or toddler.

Material: The plastic part is food grade PP, and the mesh bag is food grade silicone.
Color: Blue, Pink
Weight: approx. 30g
S: 4cm * 2.3cm (age: 0-3m)
M: 4cm * 2.9cm (age: 3-6m)
L: 4cm * 3.3cm (age: > 6m)

Product Features:

1. Absorb various foods other than milk, comprehensively balance nutrition, and grow your baby healthily.
2. Guide the baby to take the initiative to eat, can cultivate the baby’s independence and self-confidence from childhood. At the same time, you can also exercise the coordination ability of your baby’s mouth and hands.
3. Promote the baby’s visual, olfactory, taste, tactile development, a variety of colors, fragrances, tastes of delicious food, effectively inspire baby’s taste development, and fundamentally prevent the baby’s partial eclipse.
4. Baby saliva enzymes are thriving to add the physiological needs of complementary foods, to meet the nature of the baby to eat.
5. Chewing affects the head and face muscles, increases the blood circulation of the head, promotes brain development, and at the same time exercises the flexibility of the baby’s gums and tongues, relieves the baby’s teeth discomfort, promotes the baby’s teething, neat teeth , and the five senses are correct The baby laid a good foundation in advance.
6. Exercise your baby’s ability to suck, increase lung capacity, and promote your baby’s physical development.
7. Help the baby to perceive various foods with the mouth and perceive the world.
8. Silicone mesh bag, medium mesh, safe and comfortable

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Weight 0.030 kg

Blue, Pink, Nipple-Only


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