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2pcs Portable Soft Newborn Baby Hair Brush Comb Hairbrush Sets

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2pcs Portable Soft Newborn Baby Hair Brush Comb Hairbrush Sets

This soft brush can brush away the newborn scalp ringworm, keep the baby’s head clean.
Roundhead design can avoid the scratch baby delicate scalp.
The brush and comb safe hygiene allows you to gently comb the baby’s hair.
The soft natural bristles of the brush and the comb teeth with rounded ends are ideal for baby’s delicate scalp.
The brush features super soft bristles while the fine tines of the comb help to untangle hair.

Hair Care Tips:
Haircare should be done when your child is awake and comfortable.
Offering your child a toy while standing in front of a mirror will help relieve anxiety for your child while you care for their hair.
Try to involve your child in the hair care process, as they are likely to be more cooperative if involved.
Always untangle hair from ends up, keeping a firm hand on roots to minimize pulling on scalp.

Item Type: Brush and Comb
Material: Plastic
Brush size: app.13.3cmx4cm/5.24”x1.57”
Comb size: app.13.3cmx3.2cm/5.24”x1.26”
Color: Blue, Pink
Weight: 40g

Package includes:
1 x Brush
1 x Comb

Additional information

Weight 0.040 kg
Dimensions 13 × 4 cm

Blue, Pink


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