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Bicycle Cover Dustproof Waterproof Rain Cover Protector Outdoor Indoor Bicycle Accessories.

Product Name: PEVA Single Layer Motorcycle Clothing
Product Packaging: OPP
Product model: PEVA single layer motorcycle clothing
Product color: Silver gray
Material: PEVA
Applicable Vehicles: Motorcycles, Bicycles, Battery Cars
Size: 140 x 240 cm

1. The rain cover is made of PEVA, which is an environmental protection material, which can be recycled use.
2. It can be used to isolate the heat and has a good waterproof performance. Shockproof, anti-corrosion and soundproof.
3. It is lightweight and durable, convenient to use.
4. It can protect your motorcycle, bike against rain and snow, dirt and dust, UV rays and pollutants.
5. It is the best protector cover for your motorbike.
6. Environmental protection material can be recycled use.
7. Lightweight cover and easy to apply.
8. Protect your motorcycle or bike against rain, dust, heat etc with top to bottom coverage.
9. Ideal for outdoor use in all climates.
10. Suitable for all weather and all season.

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Weight 0.245 kg
Dimensions 240 × 140 cm


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