Rewards & Coupons


You can get 100% free item including shipping (rewards) to your home if you suggest item not exist in our store. You should meet these requirments to get the free items:

  • You should be one of our customers.
  • The value of the item should be less than €5.
  • We should accept this item and agree to get this item to our store.
  • The item should belong to one of our product categories (Stationery, Birthdays, Kids/Babies Accessories, Kids/Babies Clothes, Toys, Phone Accessories, Car Accessories, Homewares, Irish, Special Days, Adult Accessories and Muslim).

How to apply for Rewards?

  • Once you try to purchase an item and you didn’t find it in our store, you can send email to [email protected] with subject “New item suggestion”.
  • You should send us an email using your email which is stored in our system so that we will know you are one of the current existing customers.
  • We will reply to your email that we will check this item and we will come back to you if we accept it or reject it.
  • We will send you an email About rewards if we approve this item and we will check your shipping address.
  • Once the item become in our store we will send it to your address.


You can get 25% discount coupon if you refer our website to one of your friend.

How this will work?

  • If you are one of our customers, give your email to your friend.
  • Your friend should be a new customer.
  • Before your friend checks out his/her first order, he should write your email in the Order notes. As your friend can write in Order Notes: “Referred from my friend <your email>”.
  • We will check your email and be sure that you are one of the current existing customers.
  • We’re checking the email from your buddy and we’re going to make sure he’s new client.
  • We’ll look up if your address is different from the address of your friend.
  • We will check whether the address of your friend isn’t one of the addresses of another friend
  • If everything is ok, we will send an email to you with a 25% discount coupon.